Ever wondered why some towels dry your body better than the others?

Why some towels have a musty odour after 1 or 2 uses?  

Ever found yourself looking for ways to de-shed your brand new towel because it keeps losing fluff even after washing many times ?

First we must tell you. Our Organic Cotton Towels WILL NEVER SHED. 

Then we must tell you, our towels will never ever become smelly .

Our towels will dry you better then any towel you have EVER owned, 

And it will continue to do so for many  years.

Here's WHY

Some towels soak up water better after a few washes while others never absorb water, no matter how many times you wash them.  

Mass manufacturing adds stress to fibres. To add strength and prevent splitting during the weaving process, additives such as starch and wax are commonly applied. If not washed properly, these starches and waxes leave residue on the final products affecting its capacity to soak up water.

For our organic cotton towels extra care is taken to remove any foreign bodies from the final product. 

We carefully wash with clean natural water from Mt. Ishizuchi’s melting snow. The low mineral content makes this water perfect for thoroughly removing any inorganics.

texture & pride

It takes gently crafted yarn and careful weaving to make towels so soft.
To preserve the delicate properties of the yarn we only use our old traditional machines which weave gently and slowly.

We devote ourselves to create Beautiful towels at Reasonable prices.   

Carefully chosen quality cottons, using traditional methods of dying and weaving, we offer you the finest.  Sincerely, our towels are made for you and your loved ones .

Honest Comfort and Simple Beauty.