Stretching and Deep Breathing for Peaceful, Sound Sleep

In the two hours before sleep, strenuous exercise would stimulate the nerves and have an adverse effect. Slow exercise that you can do daily without burden is perfect.

With our recommended “meridian stretch,” loosen muscle tension while stimulating good sleep acupressure points and relax with deep breathing. This rational method combines stretch, acupressure, and breathing techniques, based on the Chinese medicine concept that facilitating qi and blood flow in the meridian links to better health. There are hundreds of acupressure points along the meridian, and stimulating these improve qi and blood flow throughout the entire body to restore its condition.

Feet are often referred to as a “second heart,” and the acupressure points along the meridian are closely related to and indicate the health of the internal organs. Before going to sleep, stimulate these points to remove thoughts and stress from your mind that was relentlessly used all day and to calm down the qi that has stagnated in your head. Combining this with stretching to warm the body and loosen tension in the neck and lower back is very effective.

Implementing breathing techniques that combine abdominal breathing and chest breathing to switch on the parasympathetic nerves will help you relax. Your brain and body slowly become prepared to sleep and you will be able to fall asleep smoothly. This meridian stretch is simpler than yoga and can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

Making this a daily habit to finish off your day will link to health from the inside.