Towel Care Tips

 When washing your towels, we recommend using plenty of water. The higher the water volume, the cleaner the towels will be while minimizing damage caused by rubbing actions against other clothes in the load. It is ideal to adjust the water level higher than the recommended machine setting for top loading machines.

Tumble drying is actually the best way to dry towels so they are fluffy. One thing you might consider is that the towel may shrink slightly compared to natural drying. See below for more information.

If you prefer natural drying it is best to hang them in the shade with good ventilation. Please avoid the direct sunlight to prevent hardening of the pile and fading of the colours.

Some of the more frequently asked questions about our towel care:

Q: Hot, cold, delicate, permanent, air-dry, or cool-dry?
A: Your choice but we say fluffy is good, so an air dry or low heat function on your tumble dryer is best.
Q: For colored towels- warm or cold water ?

A.:  Cold is preferred, delicate cycle
Q: And for whites and ivory?
A: Cold is fine for whites and ivory but warm is okay, too. With new laundry detergents on the market, most are very effective in cold water.
Q: What types of soap are best? 
A: A mild laundry detergent, liquid, powder or capsule- it doesn’t matter.
Q: Are there any ingredients to avoid? 
A: Chlorine Bleach and fabric softeners.  Non-chlorine bleaches are best since chlorine can turn cottons yellow and weaken the fiber. Fabric softeners reduce the absorbency of cotton textiles, which is the opposite of what you want for a cotton towel.
Q: What are common mistakes made when washing cotton towels? 
A: Washing in hot water, drying at high temperatures, and adding fabric softeners.
Q: Air-dry or machine dry? What effects do the two methods have on the longevity of the fabric? 
A: Air-drying towels is great, especially if you like to bring the outside in and it saves energy. Machine drying is best at a low temperature.  Turn the temperature setting of your dryer down too low and discover that everything in the dryer still dries!  When you dry towels at a high temperature, the towels start to feel hard, they lose the soft plush feel that drew you in to buying them in the first place.
Q: Do you suggest replacing towels after a certain number of years? 
A: That’s a personal choice since everyone has a different idea about when a towel is ‘done’.  For some people its any visible sign of wear and others never seem to notice.  Eventually, all towels will lose some fiber and become less plush, the sewn edges on a colored towel can start to fade after many launderings, and all towels can have loops that snag or pull which can show some wear and tear.
Q: What is so great about Nirvana towels?
A: They are all made with carefully selected premium cotton yarns and processed in the least harmful way to dye and finish cotton textiles. In fact, all Nirvana Towels are made on slow and gentle looms in Japan. We strive for products that have a unique texture with a twill weave . They all have a dry, cotton hand feel so that you know you’re using a cotton towel and it will be absorbent when you grab it after a shower.