DeKo Organic



A new sense of quartet pile.
Deko is truly gorgeous , like no other towel. Normally, each towel loop is made up of one or two threads, but DEKO's pile is made by twisting four sweet-twisted (less twisted) pima cotton to make one loop more three-dimensional. A new type of towel that combines the outstanding suppleness of silk-like pima cotton with the comfortable feel and drying quality ordinary towels do not have.

What is the special raw material "Pima cotton"?
Pima cotton is considered to be one of the best cottons in the world, and it is a rare cotton that is difficult to cultivate and accounts for only a few percent of the world's cotton production. Pima cotton has longer fibers than normal cotton (ultra-long fiber cotton with a length of about 3 to 4 cm) and can make supple threads, so the woven product has a smooth and silky luster. It has excellent water absorption and moisture wicking properties, and is also durable for years of washing. The pile is 100% organic cotton used for our unique Imabari towels.

S size: [32 x 35 cm]
M size: [40 x 95 cm]
L size:  [58 x 120 cm]