Lana Winter Range


Lana is in Italian, with a towel wearing a name from Lana, which means wool, texture and comfortable fit, such as knit is characterized. 

This towel exudes softness, such is the knit weave of the towel.

In the processing of the towel the spring water from Mount Ishizuchi  is  used in abundance. 

Wipe gently the moisture from your body without damaging your skin. 

Timeless design , a gift to women who prefer calm colors. It is recommended as a gift for men also. 

Though they may feel like knitted wool, Lana towels are made with 100% luxurious cotton.

Thinking outside of the classic terrycloth or waffle, this collection offers a whole new level of subtle luxury with practicality. As a bath towel, blanket, sofa / bed Etc. Cover, Lana Is Truly Versatile. Available In 5 Sizes.Gray Or Brown. * XL Is The Standard Bath Towel Size In North America / Europe. ** L Is A Little Smaller Than The Standard Japanese Bath Towel Size.

Bathrobe Length 110 cm

Bathrobe Length 100cm

XL Towel 85 x 145

L Towel 55 x 110

Hand Towel 36 x 85

Face Washer 36 x 36